Being a tourist in a city you live


Hi there,


After 5 months in London, this city doesn’t ceases to surprise me.

From the lovely visit of a friend over the last weekend, I got to be a tourist for 48 hours and visit the amazing capital I wake up to everyday.

Enjoy the pictures.


Day 1: East London

Starting with Westminster and the ‘famosissime’ Big Ben (Which is not so East yet I have to mention).





Starting from Westminster, we topped up our oyster card for 6 quid as the brits would say and we jumped on a ferry. Off to London Bridge. What an amazing trip, boating along the River Thames. I got to see the city I live in through a new angle. The architecture, the blue sky and the sparkle in my friends eyes made this day memorable.






We then landed at the iconic Borough Market, the smell of this place! Within minutes walking around, there I was queuing at the Ethiopian stand ordering a vegetarian meal followed by a gluten free red velvet cake. Sweet sweet cake got me. I must confess I have never been hugely exited over english cuisine but this cake may have changed it for me.








From there, we had a lovely and sunny walk to the Tower Bridge.




Looking up you cannot miss The tall tower, The Shard. After hearing about it from all around we decided to go in, got on the lift and landed on one of the top floor which happens to have a bar. As going to the top, you would have to pay an extra 30 pounds. Walking through the bar the interior was beautiful however nothing took our breathe away as the view. Seeing London from the top was incredible, giving the feeling than anything could happen. The impossible was no longer impossible.

Little plus, let s not forget to mention the cocktails, teas and diners you can enjoy from this incredible view. However a little bit out of our budget for the day. So we are going back down to reality.




Day 2: West London

What is better than starting a Sunday with a brunch in Notting Hills? Let s all say it together ‘ NOTHING ‘. Definitely one of the best side of London.






After having an english brunch in one of Portobello’s famous cafes, I tell you we could not move. Us frenchies are not used to eat like this, but we learn to like it very quickly. It was time to digest, we decided to rent bikes and go for a ride around Hyde Park.

Our last stop is Buckingham Palace, quick before this sunny day is over. Something I have learnt after 5 months here, the weather is mental.


1917113_1284696715609_6701591_n 2



The best for the end, some say London’s calling but I say it’s Cocktail’s calling. We walked down Regent street and enjoyed the christmas lights still one. Like a dream. Off we were to Soho for cocktails and diner. The streets are loud, full of life and energy, we are loving it. We let it all take us away.





To conclude, my friend has not rested for a minute but in 48 hours fell in love with London. There is so much more to see and discover, her visit reminded me how lucky I was to be here right now. I am even more exited about the future and my adventure here.

Simply feeling grateful after sharing this little story with you.


And you? What are you favorite places?

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