A high leg boots winter


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The two last winter season have been rythmed by them and I’m sure you haven’t missed the trend.

High leg boots are quite risky, because the Fashion-Faux-Pas is easy to make. They are nevertheless sublime when judiciously worn. Just bear in mind that with this kind of long-lasting boots, the more sober and casual the outfit is, the more likely it is to be a success.

I personally wear them with a slim tone to tone or with a large jumper dress. Please avoid the mini or sexy skirt/short.


Personally, I’m a huge fan of these long boots and I will explain why in 5 steps:

They are super trendy

Honestly, it was hard to miss out on this fashion trend. They are the it shoe for the second winter in a row. Feminine and super classy, this winter I opted for velvet molding models.

They lengthen the legs

Unlike appearances, no need to be called Adriana to wear them. They fit all the morpho, just choose a pair showing a piece of thigh, also wide heels are easier to wear. Even if they are not high, it is always more elegant and they allow to refine your silhouette.

They’re warm

Obviously a good point for this period! Plus, you can hide your favorite shameful ski socks underneath.

They are easy to match

I chose them black to wear them with anything. In gray or light brown, they are really amazing too, I am thinking of a second pair, but well…this is another story.

There are so many different styles

If you do not like suede, you will find a lot of materials, shape, tight or not… Even in a budget level, you can find some from £20 in suede velvet or faux leather.


And you? Are you more adept or refractory?

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