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I’m very happy to write on one of my favorite topic and share with you some helpful tricks! I learned about morpho and colorimetry during my job of Personal Shopper and relooking assistant. This article is a small debriefing on the morphologies: know how to sublimate yourself with shapes that suit you, but also with colors that match you.

First of all, what is your morphology?

Are your shoulders in line with yours hips?

If yes, do you have a shaped waistline?

  • If yes you’re a X or 8 depending on your body contours.
  • If no you’re H or O depending on your weight.

If no, you’re either A if your hips are larger or V if your shoulder are larger.


The idea is to sublimate and rebalance body types by accentuating the stronger parts and camouflaging the weakest ones. Whether you are tall or short it’s the same!


How to sublimate it?

X and H: They are the easiest! For X morphos the main point is to enhance the waistline with cincture shapes. The H morphos wears rather straight cuts and belts at the waist. If you are really thin you can wear absolutely everything.

A: The most common shape for women! So here the idea is to focus on the upper body with shapes, colors, patterns, epaulettes … and to wear rather plain colors down.

V: An athletic shape! To rebalance the silhouette, better wear the colors, patterns, shapes: below. Stay basic for tops with planes colors and straight cuts.

8: Pin-up and sexy, put your assets high and mark your size! You can wear everything, but even if you have beautiful shapes, avoid plunging necklines and skirts too short… Obviously, Kardashian style is not always the best.

O: You have generous curves, prefer plain outfits and colors by touch (accessories). Avoid tight or shiny outfits.


What is you color type?

In colorimetry there are 4 kinds of feminine tones:


– Summer woman: Medium to Dark complexion / Light hair



– Spring woman: Light complexion / Light hair



– Autumn woman: Medium complexion / Dark hair



– Winter woman: Light complexion / Dark hair





TADAM! You are finally ready to choose the shapes and colors that suit you!

OF COURSE: If you like to wear a color that does not belong to your palette range, it’s up to you, the important thing is to feel good. Me for instance, I am Winter type but I use a lot of Autumn color in autumn as they are on trend.

I hope that my article is helping! x


19 thoughts on “Morpho & Colorimetry

  1. super ces explications, c’est simple et efficace. Par contre, par mégarde,n’aurais-tu pas inversé les caractéristiques des femmes été et printemps ?

  2. Bravo Mathilde je te félicite, ce blog est extrêmement bien fait, Les photos sont jolies et les explications très sont très claires. Encore Bravo.

  3. Hola Matou,

    Vraiment clair cet article ! Bon, j’ai eu un peu de mal à me situé dans les teintes, mais au final je suis une femme printemps ! (et j’aime bien porter du rouge même si c’est pas souvent héhé)
    En tout cas, je vais appliquer cette palette au quotidien !
    Merci beaucoup <3

    Ta Léo

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