Getting started with essential oils

huiles essentielles

Hi there,

Just wanted to share on my recent obsession for essential oils. They are so good to pimp your every day life and health. They have got so many and mostly unknown benefict and I truly believe it’s fascinating!

First things first, what are essential oils?

They are “essences” extracted from plants, sort of “super-concentrated” extracts. Used in aromatherapy medicine, there can be effective way to heal many different pains and diseases. Essential oils are very powerful and can even be dangerous in case of misuse! Not to confound, vegetable oils are extracts of flowers or seeds (almond oil, argan oil or coconut oil); they are greasier and they don’t evaporate like essential oils do. In aromatherapy, vegetable oils are also very useful because they allow mixtures since essential oils don’t dissolve in water. 

huiles essentielles

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, essential oils are extremely concentrated and powerful. Their use is always limited to a few drops and dosages are very strict. They can be used in different ways, the best known is certainly inhalation/diffusion, which can allows relaxation, cure colds, respiratory diseases etc… They can also be swallowed in a mixture with vegetable oils or honey (mixing them is essential as they are nocive otherwise), or used in cooking (eg. mint or basil). They can be applied as cosmetics: on the skin or in the bath, but always mixed with a greasy substance, so as not to risk burning the skin.

My 8 favorites and must-have:




THE basic to pump your cosmetics. Toning for the morning and soothing for the evening, it also helps against cellulite, fragile nails, oily hair and blackheads! Damn! It also purifies air in diffusion, eliminates odors and kills germs of contagious infections such as colds and flu.




Two ways:

  • In cutaneous application for oily hair and dermatosis such as psoriasis and eczema (one or two drops in a vegetable oil/shampoo)
  • In inhalation for any sort of anxiety… Here is an healthy sort of drug to boost your mood!



Roman chamomile


Excellent anti-stress that you can add to your bath (a few drops mixed with sweet almond oil or any other oil). It also soothes itching and allergies.



Not glam, and yet, a drop under each underarm replaces fully your best deodorant. It is also a good anti-insect in diffusion (the essential oil of Lemongrass too but personally I do not buy it because it is its only use).

tea_treeTea Tree


This one is well known for the purifying virtues, especially for acne and oily skin. Quite easy and straight forward to use, simply apply a drop on pimples to dry them.




Lavander (Angustifolia)


Certainly the most popular one. It has many properties: in particular being a great sedative. Relaxant in diffusion or in the bath, it also soothes skin irritation and muscle pain if applied on the skin.





Another well established reputation, I love it for massage, bathing and diffusion. It is largely used in cooking as well (just few drops please don’t intoxicate yourselves) thanks to the lovely smell and sweet taste.






Excellent for digestive and intestinal problems. In massage, inhalation or in a bath, it adapts well. I personally put couple drops in a yoghourt or a tea (mixed with honey otherwise it won’t dissolve but I’m sure you got it by now).


Final tip, choose your oils to be certified “100% pure and natural”.

If you want to know more about essential oils including recipes and tips for healing, I recommend Danièle Festy’s book “100 aromatherapy reflexes”.

Please, leave me any thought!


8 thoughts on “Getting started with essential oils

  1. Je fonctionne souvent aux huiles essentielles, notamment la marque Aroma-Zone, donc je connaissais un peu tout ça mais article super intéressant :)

  2. Super ton article! Je sais jamais quoi prendre comme huile essentielle donc ça m a appris plein de trucs!:)

  3. Je connaissais pas du tout :) intéressant ! Tu sais si c’est possible de les trouver ailleurs qu’en pharmacie les “100% pures et naturelles” ?

    1. Merci Coco ! Eum, il faudrait que je me renseigne, peut-être dans des enseignes spécialisées. Mais par exemple Aromazone ou Nature&Découvertes n’en font pas même si ce sont des marques très sympas.

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