Let’s get naked #1: Bathroom

naked cosmetics

I guess by now you got it; tackle my consumption of plastic is my new obsession.

For the past few year I’ve been focusing on my wardrobe -fashion being my absolute weakness. I’ve passed from a massive and clueless shopping addict to a minimalist-material-oriented customer (you can read my latest article here, but I mostly recommend this one from The Good Trade).

Following on the 30 day Plastic Free July challenge, I’ve been taking my fight a little further… getting naked! No, not me you silly, packaging-wise.

Overpackaging is everywhere and honestly, it’s gross. 40% of produced plastic is actually made for packing, which is lots of cases, is not even needed or wanted. Supermarkets and large retailers are the worst, it is an everyday challenge to avoid plastics while doing grocery shopping. Eek.

Thankfully there are lots of tricks I’ve learned to reduce the waste and let’s start today with our bathrooms. I know solid bar shampoo, solid deodorant and menstrual cups don’t sound sexy, but fact is, some brands are working incredibly hard to propose sustainable but yet amazing solution to our (brats) wants and needs.

For bathing, my go to brand is Lush, not only they have the best marketing team and their shops look like the cutest candy factory, but they also have an answer for all needs. From all the basics like soaps and shampoos, to super niche suncare and mouthwash, all of these with an ultra-competitive price point.

Here are my basics:

Seanik by LushSeanik Shampoo

I’m not going to lie, I was so skeptical when I first tried a shampoo bar. I had quite a few prejudices in mind including that my hair will be left dry and flat, the bar will all melt in the shower and last me a week and on top of that I’ll spend so much money for it.

None of this was right.

The bar costs £8 which is cheap considering it lasts me 4-5 months when washing my hair 2 to 3 times a week. Although, for it not to melt, you have to keep it safe! A simple glass jar will perfectly do.

Texture is also fantastic, you just need to rub the bar over your head or between your hands and it lathers as greatly as a liquid shampoo. After the wash, my hair detangles easily and feels nourish which makes me love this shampoo so much.

This bar is made of plenty of ingredients: fine sea salt, to uplift and add volume; nori seaweed, which is rich in protein and helps to strengthen hair and make it silky; lemon for the shine and finally, mimosa, jasmine and orange flower are added for the scent.


Aromaco Deodorant407

This was probably my scariest move: passing for my powerful chemical antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.

I picked this one helped by the sale assistant. I think she read my skepticism quite well and sold it to me as ‘the most powerful deodorant’ they have. For £7 / square meant to last 6 months, I thought it was worth the try. I’m not going to lie, it is not as perspiring as its pore-blocking predecessor BUT does the job… I haven’t noticed a reduction of hugs in my life so I guess it’s all good or I’ve got very good friends. Jokes aside, if you actually sweat it won’t help you but as an everyday deodorant it works fine.

You can use a square as a roll on deodorant, I just have two tips:

  • Make sure you protect it from the hit and humidity by keeping it in a jar otherwise it might shrink
  • If you are scared of not feeling fresh as the day go, cut a smaller piece to take with you

It contains sodium bicarbonate and witch hazel for their absorbent properties; antibacterial chamomile vinegar and patchouli fragrant for the scent.


Lush Sex BombSexBomb – Bath Bomb

Oh dear… what would life be without a bath?

Should we talk about this so-cute pink rose design? It was love at first sight.

A part from its killing look, for £3 this one just takes relaxation to the next level, coloring the water into a fairytale and making the bathroom smells like heaven. Also I personally use only 1/4 for each bath and it is per-fec-tion!

You think I’m exaggerating? Well, just give it a try and we’ll speak!

Not that they should, even the proudest macho men can’t resist it 😉 .

And you, do you like Lush products? What are you favorites packaging free cosmetics?


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