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Let’s take a look at our fridges and closets to see together what we keep and what we throw. I swear, we keep the maximum!

I started to be interested with nutrition three years ago. Before that, I was that kind of girl with a sympathetic morpho and who was completely abusing from it. My 5pm snack consisted of a slice of bready-cheese (with more cheese than bread). There was always cheese in my fridge (so typically french I know), and fatty chocolate in my closets. I didn’t even know it was seriously possible to count calories, and my sport practice was close to nothing. Unfortunately, although I have never been overweight, I ended up at 18 with a pretty impressive cholesterol level.

Nowadays, my diet changed drastically, I also count my calories and I am a rather strict diet coupled with a lot of sport. I lost some weight, but my main goal was to have both firmer body and better health. I’ve not only said goodbye to cholesterol, but I have much more energy. I never had the feeling of depriving myself, because I’m still eating a lot, but I do BETTER.

Before you leave by fleeing, please let me reassure you: we won’t talk about diet here. I give you some tips to choose one food over another and slightly change the way you cook your dishes. I will also share with you some simple, delicious and low fat recipes. Reassured? Let’s go!


Good fats

Choosing the fats you are going to ingurgiter is an essential point. The bad fats are what are called SATURATED fats. These increase your bad cholesterol (LDL).

Say goodbye to:

– Ready meals

This is not a big news, the ready prepared meals are stuffed with bad fats. Even when the brand is committed to putting less salt, less fat etc… They nevertheless a health enemy. They are definitely practical though, if you really cannot do without, make sure you look at the composition a bit. Avoid anything called ‘saturated’.

– Buttered

My dear and tender, in french cuisine it’s truly the worst thing, we use and abuse… However, it is very easy to replace with oils: olive and coconut are really good! You can also have sunflower, peanuts, rapeseed, avocados, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, grape seeds, soybeans, maize…

Finally, if butter is essential to you, prefer the one that contains omega 3.

We limit ourselves to:

– Industrial pastries and cakes

If you have a little time, prepare them yourself (with natural products and less sugar). Otherwise, try to limit yourself a bit, for example, keep only your favorite brand and let others on the super market display! Or, as with prepared dishes, quickly look at the composition, and PLEASE give up on cakes containing saturated fats.

– Cheese and deli meat

Let’s say we allow ourselves one of each, or for the most motivated one of one of them. As for the cheese, the goat one is a friend, full of protein, you can go for it!


Good cereals

Cereals as you (may) know are very good for health. The only issue is flour (such as wheat flour) used to make pasta, bread, rice… It is stuffed with carbohydrates (sugars).

For that, just simply replace your foods based on wheat flour, with foods based on wheat WHOLE flour. The taste is very similar and the nutritious foods are the same, except that the second is much less rich in carbohydrates.

You will find whole bread, whole pasta and whole rice in any store!

On an other hand, there are lighter flours better for health such as spelled, buckwheat, oats and even corn flour (yet sweet).

Finally, replace your morning cereals with porridge as oatmeal are way healthier.


Avoid light and fat reduced products

Legislation: “A minimum 25% reduction in fat, carbohydrates, or total energy, as their reference products.”

Not only very minimal, it’s quite easy to cheat: 0% fat can mean more sugar, 0% sugar can mean more fat, and finally “light” can mean – 25% calories but not necessarily -25% fat or sugar …

Moreover, it causes “rebound effect”: you authorizes yourself to consume more so it reverses the desired effect!

There are nevertheless “light” products interesting but for this one must look at the labels. The compositions are always indicated for 100g, so evaluate the difference between the product lightened and the original product. Do not just look at the calorie count, but rather the overall composition.

Also, the products “zero calories” are rather interesting because “cheating” is not possible in these cases. But to consume with moderation.


One last trick



As a bonus, a nice application for those who want to monitor their diet: MY FITNESS PAL.

You have to set your weight goals, and depending on this, it attributes you a number of calories, and tells you daily if you are above, below, how much you have eaten and how much you can still afford.

It counts for you your calories of the day, and more than that, your carbohydrate, fat, protein (and all other nutrients). Just take in what you eat from day to day. It knows everything, all the brands, and even some dishes of chain restaurants, you can “flasher” the barcodes and enter the grammages.

This application is playful and although at first sight one says “oulala no thank you, calorie counting is not for me”, it nevertheless remains very useful, and excellent help.


Motivate yourself, a little courage and you will see, you should loose very easily!

I will never repeat it enough: Be especially careful to eat BA-LAN-CED!

20 thoughts on “Loose weight easily

    1. C’est sur mais bon c’est moins fastidieux que de compter soit même. Après pour compter ses calories, il faut clairement être très motivé car c’est long et… Chiant ! Mais le jeu en vaut la chandelle et on finit par s’y habituer :)

  1. L’article est super mon coeur je suis fier de toi ! Il sera bénéfique à tous les lecteurs et vous permettra d’atteindre vos objectifs sans avoir le sentiment de se privé. Essayez donc au moins 1 mois et vous verrez que les resultats sont flagrants .
    Tout est une question de gestion, comme on dit chez nous, le corps se sculte d’abord dans la cuisine !
    Bonne diet tous et bisous à ma bloggeuse chérie !

  2. Merci pour ces conseils ! Je les applique tous sauf celui sur les produits allégés. Par exemple, je prends des yaourt nature avec 0% de matière grasse.
    Et pour les céréales, il me semble que les miennes sont au blé complet ! Il faut que je regarde tiens, haha.

    Bisous :)

  3. Bravo très bien fait ton article et je suis bien d’accord avec toi, c’est très important d’adopter une bonne routine nutrition pour son corps :) De petit excès ou dérapage de temps en temps mais en règle général il faut s’y tenir !

  4. Depuis que j’ai arrêté la charcuterie (je suis en mode végétarienne depuis 3 mois), j’ai perdu 6 kilos, je me dis qu’elle devait y être pour beaucoup cette coquine ^^

  5. Super article très détaillé !! Très bons conseils et je ne connaissais pas du tout l’application my fitness je pense me la télécharger ^^
    Merci pour ton bel article :p

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