Slowly but surely

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Hi there,

After weeks (months?), I finally found some spare time to write and share with you a little about my new life in London.

March and April have been extremely busy and strefull, ryhtmed by us moving home.

Actually, I wasn’t even properly settled in the city that I decided to follow my flatmate in her moving to live this new adventure. We moved to a 3 bedrooms flat, doubling our living surface by founding this great place in Fulham -South West of London- which apparently make me a posh-****… But well, I used to live in South-West Paris, so I guess I am used (maybe even happy) to be a posh-**** anyway 😉

The funny story about this flat is that when we first visited it, I told my friend Gwen that I truly and definitely hated the place and that they were no chance I was to move there. However, the interior designer she is, convinced me of the opportunity this flat represented.  I badly wanted to move and decided to trust her to make it happen.

We then sent our offer for the flat and in the meantime posted adds for ours. Our offer was accepted straight away and in parallel we found two girls to take over our old contract. Everything went so smoothly that Karma probably decided life was too easy for us. We signed the new contract first, thinking the girls would sign them later in the same day. But it didn’t happen. One of the girl left us down last minute. That’s where the nightmare to find-a-new-tenant-in-less-than-a-week started. From fake interests to fake promises, we spent the full month of March doing viewing and praying for someone to finally take over our old contract.

In London, when you sign a renting contract, the deal in order to break it is, most of the time, for you to find new tenants to take over. If not, it is your responsibility to pay the rent as long as the contract runs. Gwen and I obviously couldn’t (and still can’t) afford to pay two rents a month. These couple of weeks where then quite painful and very stressful… Putting all our energy and good vibes into this, we finally made it happen and luckily didn’t have to pay the rent of April.

However, Karma wasn’t yet done with us. April was absolutely lovely in the UK. Summer was already there and we enjoyed our weekend off to the park, having picnics and tanning afternoon. Until this one evening when we got back home and found our place completely messed around. Someone obviously broke into our flat and robbed us. He/She/They ‘only’ took our laptops which -even if it’s extremely inconvenient for both of us- wasn’t a huge material disaster (well the old Dell I’m currently using is just diving me crazy a bit). The robbery shacked us more in a psychological way. It made us feel very unsafe in our own home -moreover when we just moved in.

The good news is that Karma seems to have done its part and have turned back to a nice one (well, let’s touch wood until French elections). I haven’t received my deposit back from the old flat and I’ve been a little broke lately but I am confident that the worst has passed. They were all lessons to learn and we are now ready for this new chapter to turn.

These experiences made us grow as individuals but also as a pair. It made us even closer and grown our friendship by testing us and our nerves always more. Moreover, I realised the power of interior design to make you feel homy and cosy. I thank Gwen for the amazing work she did in this place. I know realise home is not so much about the place itself but more about what you bring to it and with who you are. If you pay attention to the below pictures, you’ll see a very meaningful decorative object in the self: ‘Family’.

After 2 months, 2 or 3 full salaries, 1 robbery, more than 30 boxes and 1 truck, probably a thousand calories and a hundreds worrying moments, I am very happy to share with you our new and beautiful home.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting settled in this new capital.

And as Yael Naim says:

"I'm a new soul
 I came to this strange world
 Hoping I could learn a bit bout how to give and take
 But since I came here
 Felt the joy and the fear
 Finding myself making every possible mistake"

Enjoy the picts,

Mathilde xx



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